Jane (Parent)

“I had to encourage my boys to sign up for Young Philosophers. They were reluctant to participate in an academic seeming class after school; however, I knew it would be beneficial for them to have a seminar style opportunity to discuss ideas in depth, compared to what their traditional large public school classrooms offer.  I wanted them to experience a more open, free and creative environment encouraging their curiosity, instead of the usual school culture of imparting knowledge.  My boys ended up really appreciating the time and space to explore ideas and articulate thoughts with their peers.  They were motivated by discussions facilitated by an inspiring thinker, rather than the school routine focused on retaining narratives geared towards tests.  I inquired about the class and the teacher after my 9-year-old’s first session, he corrected me, “Mom, Joe is not my teacher, he’s a fellow philosopher.”  That response was evidence that the shift I was hoping for was apparent, and my kids were taking advantage of the exciting circumstances.  My usually reserved 13 year old would come home enthusiastic to relay the conversations and events from class, engaging us in a continued dialog.  I highly recommend this unique program that fosters explorative inquiry and critical thinking.”