Washington Heights (Word Up)

Thinking Big in the Heights

with Pedro Monque

Your child is full of complex questions, ideas and emotions. Yet few spaces lend themselves to the kind of collaborative and sustained enquiry that allows critical thinking to flourish. Our hope is to make this workshop just such a place. Thinking Big in the Heights brings together Spanish-speaking 11-14 year olds to raise and discuss the questions that matter most to them. We approach discussion from a philosophical standpoint that encourages both creativity and rigor. Participants will reflect on questions that they themselves propose during the workshop but some of the planned topics include: Why do some people think that being an athlete does not require brains? (And are they right?) What makes for a good friendship? What does it mean for Washington Heights to be gentrifying and how does this impact me?
We hope that, through these discussions, your child will develop the habits of mind that characterize good thinkers. We also hope that every child gets better at communicating respectfully and listening carefully to what others say, two of the most important skills to enjoy lasting friendships.

WHO Kids 11-14 years old

WHERE Librería Comunitaria Word Up/Word Up Community Book Store


TUITION We are offering this workshop on a ‘pay what you can’ basis so that no child is prevented from enrolling for financial reasons. (Full tuition is $300)