Our current Brooklyn workshop is in the PS 58 Carroll Kids Afterschool Program. 

Philosophy of a Wimpy Kid 

Greg Heffley knows that being a kid can really stink. And so do we, the millions of children who identify with him. We know that there’s a lot of stuff that kids have to make sense of and that most of it doesn’t make much sense at all. For starters there’s family. They are the people who take care of us and who we most need to help figure things out, but they are also the ones that most drive us crazy, making up all sorts of rules and demands that seemed purposefully designed to limit the amount of fun we can have. And that’s just the parents. Siblings seem to exist for the sole purpose of being ANNOYING. Friends, as a rule, are better, but even they aren’t always reliable (nor are they always friendly). Then there are all the other kids who aren’t friends at all (and sometimes seem like enemies), that we are forced to interact with, mostly at school. Ah, school! The single greatest threat to a child’s happiness. Seriously, why is there school? Yes, everyone know there are things everyone needs to learn, but there’s got to be a better way of learning them! The whole thing is an ecosystem (a word we learned in Snooze, um, we mean Science) of incompatible personalities, irrelevant requirements, and very BORING subjects. And homework. Why homework? Don’t we do enough work in school? It just adds to our stress, and we’ve got enough of that. What we want is to have more fun! At least in this Young Philosophers workshop, we kids can try to get to the bottom of all this, and figure out ways we can fix it!